DWI Expungements

Do You Have a DWI in Your Past?

You may be able to expunge all records and get a clean slate under Section 577.054 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.

If you have had only one DWI over Ten (10) years ago which was a first-time offense and you have had no subsequent alcohol-related driving offenses or alcohol-related law enforcement contacts, we can obtain an expungement of all records and obtain a court order which will restore you to the status that you held prior to the DWI arrest.  This expungement applies not only to the actual DWI (criminal) charge, BUT ALSO to all arrest records and all driver’s license records, actions, suspensions, revocation or any limitation of driving privileges related to the DWI arrest.  Only one expungement is available in a lifetime.

Don’t Delay!

If you qualify, there is NO REASON to delay.  If the record is expunged, you will never need to explain the incident to anyone again.

I handle DWI expungements in all Missouri Courts.  CALL ME TODAY at (314) 725-1880 and see if you qualify to get a clean record.