Our Fees

Our fees vary depending upon the type of case and the complexity of the issues. It is this firm’s goal to provide value at a reasonable price for all services rendered. We view the practice of law as a profession and service to the public, not merely a means of making money.

Wherever possible, we inform our clients up front exactly how much a particular service will cost. If a flat fee (lump sum) cannot be quoted due to the likelihood of prolonged litigation or other continuing need for services, we will charge for services at an hourly rate. Our firm’s hourly rates range from $150.00 – $200.00 per hour, depending upon the type of case and the complexity of the issues.

No Consultation Fee
There is never a consultation fee to discuss your case regarding  personal injury, automobile accident,worker’s compensation, DWI, criminal or traffic matter.

Criminal and Traffic Violations

Usually charged at a flat rate per criminal charge or violation.

Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation
Handled on a contingent fee basis. This means you pay no attorney’s fees unless, and until, we recover. Clients are responsible for court costs and other costs of litigation, which may be paid from the settlement or award.

Divorce, Modification, Child Custody & Family Law Matters
typically handled on an hourly basis with a retainer deposit from the client prior to commencement of the case. One notable exception is for completely uncontested divorce proceedings. Assuming that you and your spouse can agree on all issues, and no other attorney is involved, we will quote a flat fee for all services to be rendered including court costs.

Bankruptcy and Chapter 13
charged at a flat rate. Our fees start at $900.00 for an uncontested Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 fees can be worked into your payment plan with little money up front.

Probate and Estate Administration cases are usually paid from the proceeds of the estate with no attorney’s fees up front. Fees are typically charged according to a percentage schedule set forth in the Missouri Revised Statutes.